Muffin Kindness Show

What is the Muffin Kindness Show?

Catchy songs, jingles and creative stories for children and families that aim to uplift and inspire our children to walk towards the light of Yah.

I'm using my passion, 10 years plus of experience with teaching and combining my music gift to build out a new children's ministry called the "Muffin Kindness Show."

It's awesome because parents that have heard some of the new material have enjoyed it just as much as their children and that's always a joy!

Vision and Goals

It is my desire to create several projects and visual aids for our children in the form of music CDs, downloads, fun learning style videos, animation and books that will uplift and inspire our children in a sacred direction.

The first project's tentative release time (January 2023) will be a set of songs/jingles that incorporate the word of Yah and positive messages that our kids need to hear. Let your children preview a sample below.

Push Play and Sing-a-long!

How To Get Involved

Here's how you and I can make a cultural change together and continue to serve our children. The best way to support this new initiative is to use the links below (of your choosing) to help content they truly need get completed on a consistent basis. I have about 20-30 songs already written and ready to go for them, that Yah has given. Lets make our kids a priority and sow into their well being.

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