Born To Sang and Flow

Born To Sang and Flow

Cameron Joy Bio

Joy is a missing commodity: not enough people have it, not enough people want it, and not enough people realize they can have it. 

Enter Cameron Joy, the Atlanta,GA based songstress/writer/arranger/lyricist whose ministry and passion is for people to experience joy in Abba YAH, which can be heard in every note of every song. It’s out of the depth of her life experiences that a genuine heart has been formed and authentic music is birthed. It’s Cameron's desire to bring a refreshing to others, great substance, and hope to people in a creative yet musical light.  

Having worked with the likes of in-demand producers like her mentor and music creative Hadassah Queen O, (Melinda Watts, Erik Griggs (Jordan Sparks, Babyface) Tony Stone (Lecrae, Trip Lee), Doc Sizzo (John P.Kee), and Kelvin Wooten (Anthony Hamilton, Mary J. Blige). She has also shared the stage with the likes of nationally renowned inspirational recording artists and sweethearts  "Virtue". Cameron’s music has been lauded as “excellent”, to which she responds, “It’s out of the depth of my experiences that excellent music comes. It’s my passion to bring a refreshing sound, great substance, and creativity back into music.” 

The depth that Cameron  speaks of has not come without cost. Joy is something that Cameron has fought for numerous times in her life. With the effects of unforeseen battles, the songstress found herself wrestling, but gained strength along her journey to become an overcomer. 

Cameron Joy has allowed the Creator to fully focus her heart and music on outreach to those who desire and are searching for hope and joy (young and mature alike) as she encourages and challenges them to remove the facades that are preventing them from being everything our Heavenly Father has intended.  

Cameron Joy can currently be found plying her heaven sent abilities to create unique melodies and harmonies, along with descriptive lyrics/ clairvoyant delivery, which produced her debut album, “Tears of Joy.”  The album features well known artists in the city, among other gifted individuals plus producers in the music industry. Be on the lookout for a Sophmore music project coming as well. 

You can also find Cameron Joy's voice in a plethora of other venues like, and music website ( featured with mentor and music creative "HQO" Hadassah Queen O), as well as various compliations and albums on digital outlets if you search Cameron Joy. 


I've been honored to work with various artists, groups and producers along my journey.