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Clear Soul (MP3 Album)

Cameron Joy

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11 songs filled with passion, heart, soul and praise. Hard copies are below and include 2 bonus tracks so be sure to pick one up!

Thank you for your support.

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Clear Soul (Hard Copy): CD

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$20.00 Save 25.0%!

Your order includes: 1 Hard copy CD in a pretty package with a handwritten thank you note. 12 awesome songs plus 2 bonus tracks. Please allow 7-10 days for your CD to ship out. Free shipping is included* In the meantime, enjoy the download album immediately after purchase. (Check your email for the link).

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Get Your Hard Copy CD of "Clear Soul"

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my website! Browse around, and while you do I pray you find the light of Yah on every page, in every piece of music you hear, and in all words formulated. My goal is to point you UPWARD.

It is also my hope to encourage your spirit and to also do what I can to help our children/young ones get the word of Yah in them and promote positivity. Check out the NEW Muffin Kindness tab.

Enjoy your visit and share this website with as many people as possible.

Cameron Joy